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When Sophia's life is turned upside down, she thought her life was over. Then she meets Aiden Livingston, the mysterious billionaire with a life changing secret. Can she find happiness in her new life with him or will his secrets end things before they even start.

Immortal Billionaire

"A sophisticated fairy tale suited for older teens and above."

- Lee Hall, author of Open Evening


Welcome to my website.

My name is Sarah Jayne Harry and I am an author.

Here you will find out about me and all of my books. You will also find all of my social media links, as well as links to Goodreads and Amazon. Don’t know if you like my books? That’s fine, you can read an excerpt chapter from each of my books. If you like what you read, you will find links to buy each book on Amazon. Need to contact me? You can do that from the contact page. Alternatively, you can contact me via social media.

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About the Author

Sarah Jayne Harry is an Indie Author who lives in Portsmouth, in the UK. She writes mostly romance novels but also suspense novels as well.

From a young age, Sarah has had a strong passion for reading and...

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Aimee Ann,

An incredible author who has managed to transfix and entertain me with her beautiful literature.

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