An Immortal Wedding
(An Immortal Billionaire Short Story)

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Shophia Larkson and Aiden Livingstion

Invite you to join them as they celebrate their wedding

Sophia Larkson is planning her wedding to billionaire Aiden Livingston, and everything is going off without a hitch. But, what happens when Sophia runs into two people from her past in the church she picked out? Will old wounds reopen? Will old memories threaten to destroy the new?

An Immortal Wedding is a short story set six months after the end of Immortal Billionaire. You do NOT have to read Immortal Billionaire to read this short story.

Photo: An Immortal Wedding Cover

Praise for An Immortal Wedding

❝A sweet fairy tale ending to a great romance.❞

- SEng, Goodreads reviewer

❝The storyline caught my attention and kept me interested. I loved the chemistry between the characters.❞

- Jeanne Richardson, Amazon reviewer

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