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Immortal Billionaire 

Just months before her 17th birthday, Sophia Larkson's life is turned upside down. When her father sells her to an elusive billionaire she is forced to move to the Livingston estate, a secluded mansion in the city of London. Hours away from home or anyone she knows, she soon finds herself developing feelings for her mysterious buyer. There's only one problem, he's hiding something. Can she uncover his secrets or will she be left with even more questions and a broken heart?


Aiden Livingston is a high-class member of society, at least he was until that night that changed everything. After the loss of his wife, he's now on a mission and he believes he's found the answer in the beautiful bookworm, Sophia, the young woman he's just bought. Can he forget the events of his past and mend his broken heart?

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Praise for Immortal Billionaire

❝An extraordinary piece of romantic fiction that will entertain and thrill readers from beginning to end.❞

- Aimee Ann,

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❝If you are looking for a light hearted vampire romance, than this is the perfect book for you.❞

- Nina Campbell, Amazon Reviewer