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Random Ramblings #2

This week I haven't really done much writing. I am still ill, with no sighs of getting better anytime soon, and haven't had any energy to write anything. What I have had to do though, is editing. So, I found out I don't know how to properly use punctuation in speech. Luckily, after doing some research about the subject, I managed to learn the do's and don'ts of punctuation within quotes. I have fixed this within my current WIP, but the question is, do I go back through my two already published books and fix them too? Or can I get away with leaving them the way they are? Some authors I have read don't follow these rules at all, So maybe I am OK leaving them for now, maybe one day I will fix them just because.

What I have been doing this week is a lot of reading. I started re-reading the Ghost Bird Series by author C.l. Stone. This has to be one of my favourite book series EVER! I am already on book seven of the series and the thrill I have when reading it is like I am reading it for the first time. I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for a new book boyfriend, or nine. I will be doing a review of book one of this series at some point in the near future, so keep an eye out for it.

I haven't really got much to say this week. Once I am feeling better (soon, I hope), and I have some energy in me, I hope to have a lot more to say. But, come back tomorrow for my first ever book review. I hope to help you guys discover a lot of new books/authors.