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Random Ramblings #4

This week I am sticking with the topic of my book characters. I want to share with you the people behind my characters inspiration. Character inspiration is very important to me when writing a book. I like to have my MCs appearance figured out before I start writing about them, this helps me write them better because I can picture them in my mind. I use stock photos and images from google to get my inspiration.

Last week, I shared with you my character portraits that I made using Dollify. This week I will share the actual people I used to create my characters.

First up, my MCs from Immortal Billionaire.

Jade Weber is the inspiration behind Sophia. When I first saw a photo of Weber, I knew right away that this was who I saw portraying Sophia. I gave Sophia the same blonde hair and the same frame, and I gave her similar eyes, a more tanned complexion, and a more round face.

Nick Majoor is who I see when I think of Aiden. I had to look around quite a bit before I found someone who I thought was the perfect representation of Aiden Livingston, Billionaire, and CEO of multiple businesses. What made the decision to use Majoor was the fact that most of the photos I came across of him, he was always wearing a suit. Aiden Livingston is known for only wearing suits, he doesn't do casual, except when training. The look, the facial hair, and the clothes, made Majoor the perfect inspiration behind Aiden.

Next up we have my MCs from The Taken Series.

This unknown model is the inspiration behind Tayla Robinson. I found this photo on royalty-free photo site, Pexels, and it is the work of the talented photographer, Alexander Krivitskiy.

There is only two other photos on Krivitskiy's profile of this same model, which I won't share with you on here because I am using those as the images for the next two books in my series. I haven't been able to find any other images of this model. So, if you have any idea who this is, please let me know, I would love to see more photos of this model.

This model is who I see when thinking about Tayla, she is young, beautiful, and has in innocent look to her, which describes Tayla exactly.

Greek singer, Kostas Martakis is perfect as Damien. The hair and the facial features, especially the eyes and lips, are features I used to create Damien. I had already started to put together the features for Damien long before I had come across Martakis' photos. When I saw these photos, I knew this was who I wanted to use as Damien.

So these are the inspirations behind my characters. I will share more photos with more characters from the rest of The Taken Series, plus other books when they become available.

How do you create your characters? Do you create them from scratch, or use models?

Disclaimer: all photos in this post, except Krivitskiy's photo, are from Google. I own none of them.