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Random Ramblings #5

I have officially finished writing my WIP. AAAAAH!!!

Book two of the Taken series is almost ready to go off to beta readers. This was my second draft of writing and I can proudly share my word count:

Draft One: 57,203 words

Draft Two: 65,922 words

This is the most I have ever written and I am quite proud for achieving such a goal. my original goal was 70k words but I thought since I have never written more than 55k before, this was a little unrealistic for now. I nearly did it though.

Now comes the editing. *Sigh*

When doing my edits, I use ProWritingAid, Autocrit, and sometimes Grammarly. All three tools are extremely helpful when it comes to finding the tiny mistakes you would normally miss. I do at least two run throughs of edits before I read through it one last time to do a final check and get my final word count. It is so tiresome, but worth it to get my story out there.

I have also started on working on the paperback cover of this book and I have to admit, it is quite frustrating finding the perfect (back) cover image. The one thing I don't look forward to when creating the cover, is doing the back. Unless it stems from my front cover, I have no idea what to do with it, but I'll get there eventually. I am using GIMP to create my covers, I found this miracle around six months ago and it is perfect when creating your covers. Lifesaver.

I recently joined a site simply called, Beta Reader, what they do is quite obvious. I used this site (they also have an app and a seperate section for readers who want to beta) to find beta readers for my latest short story and was very impressed with the amount of feedback I got. I will definitely be using this site from now on.

So, now I get to have a few weeks break before I eventually start editing. My mind is wiped out at the constant writing I have been doing. So for now, no writing updates for at least two weeks. Now I will be focusing on reading more books.