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Random Ramblings #6

Carrying on from a couple weeks ago, I again want to stick to the topic of my characters. I want to share with you their bios. I have seen a lot of people do these for their own characters, although those are much more popular books than mine, but you have to start somewhere right?

Getting to know the characters off the page is still just as important as knowing them on the page. So, I have put together some information, some may already be obvious if you have read my books but I am hoping it's not. If you have any questions about my characters, post them below or on social media and I will get an answer for you.

First up, Sophia & Aiden from Immortal Billionaire. I have included information from the short story, An Immortal Wedding, which is Sophia and Aiden's Wedding story.

Age: 18

Birthday: May

Height: 5'5

Occupation: Teacher

Status: Vampire

Powers: Power Mimicry & Psychokinesis

Physical Appearance: Sophia has a slim but athletic build and tanned skin. Her blonde hair falls to the middle of her back, framing her round face. She has bright blue eyes, which are the only thing she has left of her mother. Her outfit of choice is fitted jeans, a tank top, and a hoodie.

Personality: Sophia is confident and curious by nature, this often puts her into sticky situations. She can be sarcastic at times, especially when annoyed, and she is fiercely loyal to those she cares about.

Likes & Dislikes: Sophia enjoys reading, her favourite book is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. She enjoys being outside and exploring nature but she won't ever go hiking or camping, she thinks they are disasters waiting to happen. She is not fond of heights, although she isn't scared of heights, they do make her uneasy. Sophia is always curious about things she doesn't know and always looks for ways she can expand her knowledge. Her favourite foods are poptarts and blueberry muffins.

Personal Life: Sophia lived with her dad in Portsmouth, in the south of England, until she moved into the Livingston Estate in London. In Portsmouth, she attended St. Mary's school and then when she moved to London, she finished the last few months of school using a tutor provided to her by Aiden, the man her father sold her to in order to pay of gambling debts. Sophia's mum had died when she was six years old, causing her father to start drinking and gambling. Stacy was Sophia's best and only friend, she lived across the road from the Larkson family with her parents. Sophia had been dating Jeff for one and a half years when she discovered Jeff was cheating on her with Stacy. This made Sophia's choice to go to London much easier to make.

Sophia's life at the Livingston Estate started off with her being isolated in her room, until a random trip with Aiden into the city became a day full of happiness, love, and confusion. Sophia accepted her feelings for Aiden and the two started a seemingly perfect romance.

Sophia became a vampire after she was injured, and ultimately died in a car accident. because of her strength as a human, she gained two powers as a vampire, and she has amazing self control when it comes to blood. Sophia is learning everything she can about vampire history. She has also opened a boarding school for vampire children where she and three other vampires teach them everything they need to know.

Age: 25

Birthday: October

Height: 5'8

Occupation: Businessman/CEO

Status: Vampire

Powers: Empath

Physical Appearance: Aiden is of average height and has a strong, subtly-muscular build. His brown hair is always styled to perfection and he has chocolate brown eyes. Aiden is always seen wearing a black suit, unless he is training then he wears joggers and a fitted t-shirt.

Personality: Aiden is quite a reserved person despite his family being famous, and he doesn't like sharing his personal life. He can be quite shy at times especially when feeling nervous, although his work demands him to be confident and commanding. Aiden tries to be respectable to everyone, even when being confronted.

Likes & Dislikes: Aiden spends most of his time working, even when at home he can be found holding meetings and writing reports. When he does choice not to work though, he can be found watching movies or playing video games. He enjoys being normal, and when he's not the center of the media's attention, he will take walks through the park and eat out at cafés.

Personal Life: Aiden Livingston was born and raised in London, and is the youngest son of Margaret and George Livingston, and the youngest brother of Edward, Mark, and Henry. After the death of his parents Aiden remained on the Livingston Estate. Margaret was a socialite and George was a successful businessman, and when they were old enough, Aiden and his brothers took over from their father and started their own line of businesses all across the UK. Aiden isn't close to his brothers, only seeing them during holidays, or at a family event.

Aiden has been a vampire for nearly five years and has the gift of empathy. He was turned after a man invaded the Livingston Estate one night in search of some money, saying that George scammed him out of everything he had. Aiden accepted his fate and started to learn everything he can, and hoping to find someone he could confide in, this new secret caused him to become more reserved and to back out of the spotlight in order to keep his secret safe.

Aiden was married to fellow socialite, Mia, who he had met at one of his mother's fundraisers. He had planned to propose to her but he was bitten and turned before he had the chance. After learning to control his new bloodlust, Aiden shared his secret with Mia and their life continued as normal. Mia died a month after they married when Aiden tried to turn her too. The death of his wife caused him to become obsessed with work, refused to date his normal type of woman, fearing they were using him for his money. In an attempt to find someone normal he posted and ad on an almost black market site, which Sophia's father answered. Sophia was Aiden's mate and he paid a large sum of money to get her by his side.

You can read Sophia and Aiden's story in Immortal Billionaire, and An Immortal Wedding, available on Amazon for only £2.99 and 99p, or you can read them both for free with a Kindle Unlimited account.

Next up, you have the MCs from the first book in the Taken series: Taken:

Age: 17

Birthday: April

Height: 5’4

Occupation: Student

Physical Appearance: Tayla is short and thin with pale skin. She has large green eyes and wavy blonde hair. Tayla likes to wear jeans and a loose flowing top with boots, she hates wearing skirts because they remind her of her past.

Personality: Tayla is very shy at first but opens up the more she talks. She can be quite outspoken when it comes to defending something/one she cares about. She is strong-minded and tries to be more independent in life. She doesn’t like to depend on anyone, she wants to feel free. Tayla hasn’t experienced much in life and this makes her seem young and naive, often doing something rash and probably wrong.

Likes & Dislikes: Tayla enjoys shopping and reading. She doesn’t like parties, dancing, or drinking but she will do it all when out with friends. Tayla wants to fit in and be normal. She is every bit an introvert and likes to spend time alone.

Personal Life: Tayla was born in Cornwall and there she went to school. She is often out with friends shopping at the mall, or hanging out with her boyfriend. Tayla wants to study Environmental Studies in College, her dream is to help save the world from itself. One night when walking home from a school party, Tayla is followed home by a shadowy figure, who continues to follow and watch her over the next few days. She confides in her best friend but doesn’t tell her parents. After suffering through a horrible ordeal, Tayla’s life is never the same again and she makes new friends and starts dating someone new.

Age: 27

Birthday: June

Occupation: Bad Guy for Hire

Physical Appearance: Damien is the definition of ‘tall, dark, and handsome’. Standing somewhere around 6’1, Damien has an above average muscular build, with tanned skin. His dark hair falls down to his neck, and his deep brown eyes are always alert. He is known for his signature smirk. Damien prefers to wear dark clothing, usually jeans, a t-shirt, and a thick jacket, so he can blend into the night.

Personality: Damien was raised by his father to be ruthless, someone to be feared and hated. On the surface he is cold and selfish, but deep down he is vulnerable to his emotions. He can be kind and loving to those he loves. Damien likes getting his way and doesn’t like to lose. He will do anything to achieve his goal, no matter the cost.

Likes & Dislikes: Not much is known about Damien’s hobbies, or what kind of stuff he likes. He works all of the time and is hardly home. On the rare occasion he is home, he likes spending time with those he cares for.

Personal Life: Damien was born and raised as part of a crime family, this means he didn’t have a normal childhood. He knows nothing except for his life of crime. His father raised him to be deadly and this caused him to go to extreme measures when sharing his feelings.

You can read Tayla and Damien's story in The Taken Series. Book One: Taken, is available on Amazon for £2.99, or you can read it free with Kindle Unlimited. Book Two: Revealed, will be out soon.