Chapter Excerpt



As I look across the darkened room, my nerves come back in full swing. I try to muster up some courage to talk to him about the subject that’s been on my mind for weeks. I don’t know how he will react but I know it won’t be good for me. His temper still gets the better of him sometimes and he has no problem taking it out on me.
     It has been nearly a year since we moved to Cuba and so far life is good. Damien has his moments of possessiveness but he treats me more like an equal every day, and every day my feelings for him grow deeper and clearer.
     I stand up from my seat on the small sofa and smooth out my outfit of jeans and a top. I watch as he cleans up the baby’s toys and throws them into the toy box with a loud yawn. The baby has kept us awake most nights and she has finally started to settle down for more than a few hours. 
    I take a deep breath and give myself a quick pep talk, then I slowly walk across the room and put a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. He spins around in surprise and gives me a tired smile. He seems to be in a good mood after our family day and I hope it helps me now.
     “I wanted to talk to you about something,” I say quietly. His brows dip into a frown but he stops what he’s doing and gives me his full attention.
     With another breath, I don’t give myself a chance to back out and dive right into my speech.
     “I want to go back home and visit my parents. They deserve to know about Maria, she is their granddaughter, they should know each other,” I say quickly. Damien’s eyes flare in anger and I take a cautious step away from him.
     “You what?” he shouts. “You want to leave me, is that it? You want to go back and rat me out? Well, that’s not going to happen.” he continues.
     “No, that’s not it.” I start but he interrupts me.
     “I told you last year that there is no going back once we did this. You agreed. I will not let you ruin this for me. You will not leave.” Damien grips my arm tightly and I wince in pain. He then leans in close to my face and says, “You are mine, Tayla, or have you forgotten that?”
     “No, but I think my parents would understand. If you would just give them a chance,” I plead.
     A hard force strikes my cheek, causing me to stumble backwards. Pain radiates across my face while tears blur my vision. I look at Damien in surprise; I thought we were past this. He still looks angry but he also looks surprised. 
     “Tayla, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to,” he says. I step back as he tries to come closer, but this only makes him angrier. “Don’t do that. I just said sorry. Forgive me so we can move on.” he nearly starts shouting again. To settle the situation so Maria doesn’t wake up, I let him touch me. 
     Damien puts his hands on my shoulders and leans down to look into my eyes. “I really am sorry. You know I don’t want to hurt you but I can’t help it if you make me do it.” he kisses my cheek then stands to his full height saying, “You’re not going back. I won’t let you.” he turns away then and disappears into another room, officially ending the conversation.
     I wipe my eyes to clear them of the tears and sigh. I knew he wouldn’t be happy. It’s my fault he got angry, I know now never to make him angry.