Review Policy

Please read this Review Policy before contacting me about reviewing your book.


If you want me to review your book, send me an email at

Include the following in your message:

  • Book Name

  • Author Name

  • Genre

  • Publication Date

  • Blurb

  • Cover Image 

  • Links to the book on Amazon and Goodreads

  • Author Links


What genres will I review?

I am a big fan of YA, paranormal romance, romance, and fantasy. I will review all of these. I am pretty much open to all fiction genres though so even if I haven't listed your genre above, still let me know about it. I will read it, I may like it. I will read full-length novels as well as short stories. If you want me to read a novella, I would prefer standalones, or ones that don't require me to read the main story. Please note that I will only accept Ebooks to review.


 I will share all reviews and recommendations on Twitter and Instagram.

When posting my review of your book, I will only post a few sentences of the review on Goodreads with a link back to the full review on my blog. Due to their policy, I will post the full review on Amazon.

How will you know if I am reading your book?

After receiving your review request, I will contact you (by email) to let you know that I have received your email and if I have added your book to my list. Note: this email is different to the automatic email you will receive informing you your email was sent successfully. I will then email you again once I have started reading your book, this may take a couple of months depending on how many books I already have to read. I will not email you once I have finished your book or once a review is posted, this will only happen if I can't finish your book or if I can't give your book 4 or 5 stars.

I will be reviewing each book in the order I receive them. It may take me a while to get to your book so please be patient. Do not contact me more than once after sending your book to ask if/when I will be reading it.


I am willing to do book swaps (you read and review my book, and I will read and review your book) if you want to do this then I will put your book at the top of my list and your book will be the next one I read (which means you get a review sooner). Let me know if this is the option you want to do.

Note: If we do a book swap, I will not be sending any files. I ask that you buy my book from Amazon as well.

What if I can't finish your book?

If on the off chance I can't finish your book, for whatever reason, I will contact you (by email) to let you know this. I will discuss in the email why I couldn't finish it and what, if anything, put me off finishing it.


I try not to leave negative reviews, If I can't give your book 4 or 5 stars, I will not write a review or give your book a star rating. I will let you know through email if I can't give you 4 or 5 stars.


I will not be accepting review requests all year round. A note will be present at the top of my blog page letting you know if requests are open. It will look something like this:

Review Requests: Open


Review Requests: Closed

Once I have built a good size list of books (Approx. 50 books), I will close requests until I have finished that list and then reopen it again, so don't forget to check back here periodically.


Note: I do NOT accept payments for reviewing your books, this is not why I am doing it.


Note:  All reviews will be 100% honest. This may mean they are not always completely positive.


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