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The Ghost of Whitmore Manor
A Short Story

Coming Soon

When Charlotte is dared to spend the night inside Whitmore Manor, an abandoned but not yet forgotten home of tragedy said to be haunted, she doesn’t think anything exciting, or spooky, is going to happen, after all, ghosts don’t really exist, right? Wrong.

Whitmore Manor has only one occupant, the victim of a horrible tragedy that happened long ago. In an attempt to escape the pressure of her home life, Charlotte starts spending her time at the manor and soon befriends the lonely spirit that lives there.

As the months pass by, Charlotte starts enjoying her time at the manor with her new friend, but is everything as perfect as it seems? Is there a more sinister plan to the spirit’s quest to befriend her?

The Ghost of Whitmore Manor is a paranormal short story about life, death, and depression. This story contains situations that some readers may find upsetting.

If you want to become a beta reader for The Ghost of Whitmore Manor than follow this link to sign up on, or you can send me an email using the contact form.

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