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Taken (Book 1)

A Suspense Series

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**Content Warning: this book contains scenes of violence and sexual abuse. 18+ Mature readers only**

Tayla Robinson, 16 years old, is on her way home late one night when she notices someone following her. After a string of sightings from a distance, the mysterious man finally catches up with her.

Now, taken away from her home and family, Tayla must find a way to escape her prison before she is lost to them forever.

Then, a year after being reunited with her loved ones, history comes back to repeat itself in the form of one man with an obsession for the young girl.

Can Tayla overcome a second encounter and finally put an end to the madness plaguing her life?


Praise for Taken

❝I was caught hook line and sinker with this book, there was just no way I was putting this down until I had found out what happened!❞

- Sharon, Amazon Reviewer

❝A compelling read that hooked me from the start.❞

- Pat Eroh, Goodreads Reviewer

Revealed (Book 2)


**Content Warning: this book contains scenes of sexual content. 18+ Mature readers only**

Six years after leaving England, Tayla is living a happy life in Cuba with her husband and daughter. When she hears of her father's passing however, she refuses to miss the funeral, so she takes the risk and books the first flight back to England with a reluctant Damien and an excited Maria in tow. But, once Tayla arrives back in Cornwall, things slowly start to go wrong.


Tayla attends the funeral while staying hidden, but things don't go her way when her identity is uncovered and she has no choice but to reveal her deepest secret. Now, with everything in the open, can Tayla go back to her new life in Cuba? Will she fight to remain with the family she abandoned so long ago? What else could possibly go wrong on this trip?